The best co-working space with the most hospitable environment and service. A very unique concept of office space in Bhubaneswar.

Swarnita kar

I've been working with Bhubaneswaroffice for 3 months now, and can't express how good they are for early stage startups. Strong community and careful staff.

Donal Priyadarshini

Bhubaneswaroffice does a good job of combining productive spaces for teams with exposure to other startups, conferences, talks, activities, etc. When I need to focus I can find a quiet space easily enough, and when I'm having lunch I can meet members of the startups and share ideas, discuss new technologies, etc.

Pabitra Kumar Sethy

Since a long time, We searched for the right coworking and shared space in bhubaneswar until I found BhubaneswarOffice. We found a lot of awesome and positive people, who were always happy to help. This place is perfect for a chill workday and even better, on weekend. I would definitely recommend! 10/10.

Sambit Ranjan Routray

I believe work from home is not productive and I kind of hate it, this is the perfect place for you. Comfortable chairs, lots of light, cool people, great Wi-Fi, coffee, and a friendly environment make BhubaneswarOffice a perfect working environment.

Shuvam Panda
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