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Every business needs to be able to have a space of its own to function properly. Most people have the opinion that working from home is more convenient and that they can work more efficiently, but the reality is that this isn’t always the case. In this article, find out which workspace is best for you and why.

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Work from home v/s work from office

Due To the Covid-19 pandemic, many companies allowed their employee to work from home. But some are very happy with working from home and some are very uncomfortable with working from home. But every coin has two sides, so eventually, there are some pros and cons of both. So let’s discussed which is better to work?

There are plenty of benefits to working from home – you can save on commute costs and time, have a more flexible schedule, and be in control of your work environment. But there are also some potential downsides to consider, like feeling isolated from colleagues or having difficulty separating work and home life.

Weighing the pros and cons is important when deciding if working from home is right for you. Here are some key points to consider:

Benefits of Working from Home

1. Save on Commute Costs and Time

Working from home can save you money on transportation costs and time spent commuting. If you live in a city with high traffic congestion, working from home can give you back hours of your day that would otherwise be spent sitting in traffic.

2. Have a More Flexible Schedule

Working from home gives you the ability to create a schedule that works better for you. If you have young children at home, for example, you can structure your day around their school and activities. Or if you prefer to work in the evenings or on weekends, you can do so without having to coordinate with office hours.

Drawbacks of Work from Home

1. There are several drawbacks to working from home that can impact productivity and job satisfaction.
It can be isolating working from home all the time. You miss out on the social interaction that you would have in an office setting. This can lead to feelings of loneliness and can make it difficult to stay motivated.

2. Working from home can make it difficult to focus on work and stay organized. There are distractions like the TV, laundry, and dishes that can all too easily take away from work time.

3. Not having set work hours can be a problem when working from home. It’s easy to start working early and then keep going until late at night because there is no defined end to the workday. This can lead to burnout and a lack of work/life balance.

4. Work from home is not for those who have to try to search for new things or who have to try to expand their knowledge. When you are alone and no one is there so it is a drawback to improve your communication and improve your internal skills.

5. Some employees feel working alone and working without any distraction is best for them but it is quite difficult to build proper communication with your employee also spending long hours in front of devices and collaborating with a team is quite difficult for most of them.

6. Working from home is very challenging for those who have stayed in a remote area. Where internet is slow. At work from the office high-speed internet connection and other benefits like printer, Xerox, etc. are available. And working from home is quite less secure, it might be a problem to access sensitive company documents.

7. Working from home is not suitable for some people. Some people said that working face to face with your employee is maintain team spirit and improve their knowledge.

Benefits of working from an Office

1. Even if it’s not your home office. For one, you’re more likely to get things done when you’re in an environment that’s conducive to work. You have all the resources you need at your disposal, and you can focus on your task without distractions.

2. Working from an office is that you can take advantage of collaboration opportunities. When you’re working with other people in the same space, it’s easier to bounce ideas off each other and come up with creative solutions to problems. You can also learn from your colleagues and build relationships that can help you professionally.

3. If you have the option to work from home or the office, it’s worth considering the benefits of both before making a decision. In some cases, working from the office may be the best option for getting things done and advancing your career. And working from the office has provided a lot of features too.

4. The best thing about working in an office is the excitement of learning something new in regular basic. That helps you to become an experienced person. Good experienced always helps you to reach the top of the business and to be responsible and trustworthy.

5. Another best thing is you become a creative person. The office environment helps you to build ideas and expand your knowledge. It allows you to investigate new things and learn different things.

6. An Office environment is always beneficial to those who have very keen knowledge. It is a better opportunity to know yourself and improve your communication, to know much more about your company and improve your skills also.


The Work from home v/s work from office debate is one that perplexes. However, we believe that working from the office is better than working from home. In work from the office, there is a team-building where the manager can easily lead the team and properly organize the team. Working from home for a long period can hamper social and interpersonal skills. Working from the office helps you understand business in a better way, boost your understanding of the company, become more creative, and become more experienced. Mainly, we learn how to utilize our time properly.
In my opinion, everything has its own benefits and drawbacks, we have to find the best out of every situation.


Our co-workspaces are equipped with all basic work amenities; this ensures a comfortable work experience for you and your team.

  • Pick & Drop
  • Food On Demand
  • Coffee And Beverage
  • Parking
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Banking Solutions
  • Soothing Music
  • Unlimited Wifi
  • Water
  • Power Backup
  • Dedicated Space
  • Waiting Hall
  • Conference Room
  • On-Demand Assistance
  • Office Amenities
  • Software Solutions
  • Design Works
  • Relaxing Balcony Space
  • Friendly Environment
  • Dedicated Dining Space
  • Cafeteria
  • 24hrs Security
  • Writeable Surface
  • Inspiring Wall Art
  • Storage Space
  • Dedicated Cabin
  • Social Media Planner
  • Corporate Trainers
  • Business Consultant
  • Party/Event Space
  • Business Trademark
  • Courier / Mailing
  • Name Plate

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